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About Us

Iris Wears Profile

Creating Uniforms that Converse.

Iris is one of the most sophisticated and aesthetically inclined Corporate Uniform manufacturers that bring to you the elegance of intricate designing and the flair of corporate excellence in execution. Established by Rohit Kamra and Abhishek Kamra, Iris defines the finesse and style sense desired for each Corporate and Hotel uniform by blending it with the brand it represents. At Iris, it’s about merging the conversational value in each design with the comfort, quality and class of the uniform across all major sectors.

Iris Wears – Uniform Manufacturing Eloquently Redefined.

From fabric to finishing, ideation to creation and quality to comfort, Iris has a strong hold on uniform manufacturing from various industries that comes with an experience from fulfilling all kinds of distinct requirements. Iris stands out with its sense of clarity in designing that’s responsive to variable factors involved in the selection of fabrics to graceful stitching and uber cool shades that soothe both the wearer and the onlooker. Over the years, Iris wears has brought to its audience the widest variety of corporate uniform wears, with each one standing out with its own flair.

‘Rohit & Abhishek’ – The Label for Uniform Designs.

Rohit, the Designer of the Duo is known for professionally succinct designs with a sense of modernity weaved with traditional elegance. As one of the reputed and highly preferred Designer Duo for Men’s Garments, their designs have conquered the ramps, been the talk of the fashion industry and continues to be the Label for designs that bring in eastern and western sensibilities.

From all major Fashion Weeks that exemplify the latest trends and style for the Industry veterans to National and International Shows that’s looked upon for future held by the fashion industry; Rohit & Abhishek Designs have been there and done that with their creative collection known for exotic Indian touch blended with unmatched western flawlessness.

It is this Designer Duo sensibility that gets reflected in the Uniforms and Corporate Wears with following features intertwined:

> Wearability – making it comfortably luxurious
> Practicality – preferred by professionals
> Durability – high-comfort fabrication & Commercial Laundry Viable.
> Experience – that brings in most viable design solution

From royalty to glamour, desirable designs to wearable solutions, indian inspiration weaved to western comfort, label ‘Rohit & Abhishek’ epitomizes the ultimate Men’s garment wears with each collection..

As a portfolio that speaks volumes about the reach and potential of the label, they are the names behind wardrobes for Irfan khan, Randeep Hooda, Rajiv khandelwal, Rahul Dravid, Rritesh Deshmukh, Madhur Bhandarkar, Rajasthan Royals (IPL Team, Rajasthan) and many more.

A Trust beyond just Talks.

Iris’ production facility houses around 100 machines that churns out what you call the best in class garments. It has been 15 years of a delightful journey that has earned trust and admiration for the work apart from complete satisfaction for each Iris customer. Innovating constantly with its own ideas and moving beyond the usual with each passing day, Iris takes up challenges to surpass it’s own level of execution to reach the epitome of world-class designs.

Preferred by the most elite and chosen by top-notch industry icons, Iris Wears today stands for what it serves – uncompromising quality in uniform manufacturing.

An Offering that’s Beyond the Usual.

Each kind of uniform today comes with a very specific demand and has a niche individual requirement that asks for deep understanding of the industry and the essence of the brand. There is a gaping need to change the conventional idea of uniforms and transform them through creative ideas and innovation into a contemporary outfit that reflects company values and a sense of opulence in servicing. Iris Wears caters to its discerning customers through its various offerings as mentioned below:

Customized for Complete Gratification.

Finely cut and tailored for perfection, Iris wears is pillared by an expert team that understands individual needs and customizes to absolute contentment. No matter to which industry you belong, we have a solution that’s measured higher on scales of quality, finesse and elegance.

We understand Uniforms.
We understand Corporate Wears.
We understand You.
We are Iris.

Luxurious fabrics, superior tailoring