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A Trust beyond just Talks

Iris’ production facility houses around 100 machines that churns out what you call the best in class garments. It has been 15 years of a delightful journey that has earned trust and admiration for the work apart from complete satisfaction for each Iris customer. Innovating constantly with its own ideas and moving beyond the usual with each passing day, Iris takes up challenges to surpass it’s own level of execution to reach the epitome of world-class designs.

Preferred by the most elite and chosen by top-notch industry icons, Iris Wears today stands for what it serves – uncompromising quality in uniform manufacturing.

An Offering that’s Beyond the Usual

Each kind of uniform today comes with a very specific demand and has a niche individual requirement that asks for deep understanding of the industry and the essence of the brand. There is a gaping need to change the conventional idea of uniforms and transform them through creative ideas and innovation into a contemporary outfit that reflects company values and a sense of opulence in servicing. Iris Wears caters to its discerning customers through its various offerings as mentioned below: